Pick Laser Cladding Repair

Pick Laser Cladding Repair

The external compressive tension and shear stress experienced by the picks’ teeth edges rapidly increase as they come into contact with tough materials while working in the coal seam. The tooth edges will collapse once the picks’ maximum strength is reached. 

The tooth edge is damaged and passivated after the collapse, and the resistance to the tooth edge increases, which increases wear and quickens the picks’ failure. Pick repair and remanufacturing can effectively increase the hardness and wear resistance of the pick surface and lengthen the pick’s service life by using laser cladding technology.

Project background

The pick’s single-layer coating has a thickness of 1-3 mm, a hardness of 65, and no cracks or holes. High-quality wear-resistant coating protection significantly improves the performance of coal mining equipment by reducing the wear and fracture probability of the pick while the pick is working and lowering pick consumption. In addition, the protective effect of the coating makes the pick difficult to generate sparks while working. rate.

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