Hydraulic Prop Cladding

Hydraulic Prop Cladding

Hydraulic Prop Cladding

Hydraulic support is a structure used to control the mining pressure of the coal mining face. The mine pressure of the mining face acts on the hydraulic support in the form of external load. The harsh working environment of the hydraulic support determines that the wear of its structural parts, columns and golden tips is inevitable. 

Project background

Laser cladding repair technology uses a laser beam to melt the coating material and a thin layer of base material, and forms a cladding layer with extremely low dilution and roughly the same composition after rapid solidification. An alloy cladding layer can be formed on the surface of the hydraulic support, thereby improving the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and oxidation resistance of the surface of the base material. It can also restore the size, homogeneity and performance of the worn hydraulic support.

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