Shearer Pick Laser Cladding

Shearer Pick Laser Cladding

Picks are parts on mining tunneling machines, mainly used for coal mining and tunneling in roadways, tunnels, ground trenching and other projects. When the picks encounter hard objects in the coal seam during their work, the compressive stress and shear stress on the tooth edges suddenly increase. When the stress value exceeds the strength limit of the alloy, the tooth edges will collapse. After the tooth edge is passivated, the resistance to the picks will be greater, which will accelerate the failure of the picks. Therefore, it is particularly important to repair the failed picks regularly.

Project background

The pick laser cladding layer processed by laser cladding repair technology is very flat, which can not only restore the external dimensions of the surface damaged parts as required, but also improve the surface corrosion resistance and wear resistance, thereby prolonging the service life and saving the cost of purchasing new products.

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