Stamping Die Repair

Stamping Die Repair

Stamping Die Repair

The lower die of the front section of the stamping die will be subjected to huge punching pressure and high temperature during the production process, and the functional layer will be cracked and missing in size after a certain period of use. By using laser cladding process, the thickness of the functional layer can be increased and the hardness can be strengthened, which has the properties of impact resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

Project sample

Product Name:Stamping die front lower die
Material: 5CrMnMo

Basic situation: The product is stamping die lower die in the production process to withstand huge punching pressure and high temperature, after using a certain time the functional layer will crack and size loss and other phenomena, the working environment is 200-500C°.

Technical requirements:

  • The thickness of cladding is 10MM
  • The functional layer is not less than 3mm after laser repair
  • Hardness of 45HRC or more
  • With impact resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties.
Before repair
Stamping Die Repair

Repair process

repair effect

Automobile bumper stamping die

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