Jaw hardening

Jaw hardening

Jaw hardening

There are many types of pliers, and they have a wide range of uses. They are an indispensable hand tool for clamping and shearing workpieces in assembly, repair and installation in various industries. The failure modes of platinum include overall fracture, excessive residual deformation, surface damage, and failure caused by normal working conditions.

Project background

Laser hardening quickly absorbs energy in a small area the size of a very thin light spot on the surface of the workpiece, instantly making it reach a high temperature, and instantly completes the high-tech of low-temperature quenching. Not only can the jaws be repaired, but the surface hardness, wear resistance, strength and high temperature properties of the repaired rail are significantly improved, and at the same time, the jaws can still maintain good toughness, making them have good wear resistance, High impact toughness, high fatigue strength mechanical properties and other characteristics, the service life is greatly improved compared with the original parts.

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