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Hai tian Laser tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on industrial-grade laser cladding and metal additive manufacturing technology, with independent intellectual property rights and core technologies. The company is committed to the innovation and research and development of laser high-speed cladding and remanufacturing technology, and provides technical solutions integrating software and hardware for specific situations of customers.

The company’s products are oriented to enterprises, universities and research institutes in various industries, such as aviation/military industry, automobile/construction machinery, energy/chemical industry, precision manufacturing, medical treatment, industrial molds, etc. Adhering to the concept of “first-class technology, professional focus, and service first”, the company empowers enterprises, creates new advantages in my country’s manufacturing industry, and accelerates the realization of the “dream of a strong manufacturing country”.

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Provide long-term intelligent laser manufacturing solutions

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  • Committed to providing customers with system surface engineering solutions
  • Meet customers’ higher demand for advanced manufacturing technology
  • Our products are reliable and efficient, and our customer service is exceptional.
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