Industry background

Hardware tools refer to the general term for various metal devices made of iron, steel, aluminum and other metals through physical processing such as forging , calendering, and cutting. Hardware tools are exposed to the air and harsh production environment for a long time, and it is inevitable that they will fail. If they are directly scrapped, the cost of purchase will be greatly increased. The main reasons for their failure are edge wear, chipping, corrosion, etc. Laser technology can solve this problem.

Laser technology (including laser cladding and laser quenching) not only repaired the cutting edge, but also significantly improved the surface hardness, wear resistance, strength and high temperature performance after repair, and at the same time made it have good wear resistance, high impact toughness, high fatigue strength mechanical properties and other characteristics, the service life is greatly improved compared with the original parts.

Solution of Tools

Laser Applications in Tools

Receiver Repair

Cladding of agricultural saw knife

Cladding of agricultural saw knife

Agricultural tool cladding

Laser hardening of lawn mower

Cable scissors blade laser hardening

Meat grinder tool hardening

Sharp nose pliers hardening

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