Inner Wall Of The Cylinder

Inner Wall Of The Cylinder

Due to improper emulsion use or prolonged storage after elevating the well, the surface of the middle cylinder of the hydraulic support column is susceptible to pitting and corrosion of the inner wall. Arc copper melting technology is currently the process that is more frequently employed to create coatings on the inner surface that are corrosion-resistant. significant efficiency and a thick coating are two of its distinguishing features, but the cost and heat input are also significant.


Project background

The inner wall cladding processing head has long had a significant position in the field of inner wall laser processing due to its high integration, good stability, mature technology, and wide adaptability. The appropriate pipe sections can be repaired and clad using both domestic and foreign inner wall laser technology, with an inner diameter as low as 0021 33mm and a unilateral extension length of 3000mm. 

For the cladding of smaller caliber pieces, inner wall laser cladding technology can supplement or augment the conventional arc copper melting process to some extent. It is convenient to swiftly manufacture copper alloys, stainless steel, or other coatings with high anti-corrosion qualities according to the various requirements of the service environment and cost since the laser cladding method can more readily alter the powder composition.

The middle cylinder’s inner wall’s cladding surface is flawless and flawless, which not only greatly reduces the amount of subsequent processing but also virtually eliminates the effect of thermal deformation on the product, eliminates the need to set aside processing allowance, and gives producers more flexibility in how to arrange their processes for producing the product.

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