Ship Building


Industry background

Many parts and components of drilling platform ships, huge ship cranes, and other mechanical equipment may corrode and wear as a result of working in river and marine environments for many years, and they will need to be protected from corrosion and repaired. Effective surface processing technology is necessary for the preparation of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coatings on large areas of the surface of shaft parts. 

Additionally, some power equipment suffers from local wear failure due to factors such as iron filings and impurities in the lubricating oil system, the oil temperature, or the oil pressure during the unit’s startup process. A flexible robot automatic repair approach is suited because insufficient oil pressure can easily lead to wear of the bearing bush and shaft diameter, necessitating local area cladding and repair. 

Laser cladding repair and remanufacturing technology, which aims to address the issues of wear and corrosion of marine machinery parts, has been widely used in a variety of products, including propellers, hulls, steam turbines, marine gas turbines, diesel engines, and steam turbines.

Solution of Ship Building

Laser Applications in Ship Building

Hydraulic strut frame cladding

Inner wall cladding

Motor cladding

motor laser cladding

Cylinder head cladding

Inner wall laser cladding

Piston rod cladding

Shaft cladding

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