Sucker Rod Repair

Sucker Rod Repair

Sucker Rod Repair

Pumping rods are subject to damage caused by deflection and corrosion, and oil fields need to replace a large number of rods every year. Laser cladding can realize the repair and reuse of old pumping rods, which can save a lot of resources, greatly reduce the cost of oil recovery and improve the overall economic efficiency of the oilfield.

Project background

  • metallurgical bonding of the clad layer with the substrate, high bonding strength clad layer organization is dense, no cracks and other defects
  • scientific configuration of alloy powder, high hardness materials ≥ 60HRC
  • realize the whole process of green environmental protection without pollution
  • processing process can be controlled to achieve complex components cladding
  • Significantly reduce processing costs and significantly improve processing time efficiency

Project sample

Sucker Rod Repair
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