Leaf Disc Repair

Leaf Disc Repair

Leaf Disc Repair

The integral blade disc is a key component of the aero-engine parts, the tip of the blade is easily worn during use, and the blade root ends are prone to cracking failure leading to scrap. The use of laser repair additive manufacturing technology can be achieved in a short period of time to achieve the direct molding of the whole leaf disc, can be a great program to save costs and improve production efficiency.

Project background

The current manufacturing method of integral impeller uses forging, which has high forging cost and long cycle time, and the forged integral impeller will also have some metallurgical defects. The laser direct forming of aero-engine integral impeller can reduce the cost and speed up the cycle. The aero-engine integral impeller is prone to tip wear, cracking and other defects during use. In most cases, they are simply scrapped because they cannot be repaired. The cost of a direct replacement of an aero-engine impeller is very expensive, and the cost of a new product is generally not less than one million.

The whole leaf disc laser remanufacturing repair in foreign countries have successful cases, by foreign technical barriers, China in the whole blade of the laser remanufacturing technology has few successful applications. Therefore, the development of the overall leaf disc laser remanufacturing technology is an urgent technical problem to be solved.

Project sample

The overall leaf disc substrate material and laser cladding material are TC17, GH4169G. The laser cladding metallographic inspection meets the inspection requirements, with appropriate layer thickness, good side molding, no metallurgical defects, and uniform organization.

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TC17 laser cladding multi-layer cross-section metallographic inspection
Molding effect of mechanical properties sample:

TC17 transverse cladding sample


Longitudinal cladding specimen

After the mechanical performance samples pass the test, the unit cladding and sample cladding repair are carried out. Man-made defects and repair defects by laser melting grid. In order to ensure the repair after cladding, a certain thickness needs to be guaranteed, and the scanning path needs to be designed according to the shape of the blade.
Through the cladding test of the single element, the feasibility of the cladding, the stability of the process, the cladding effect of the single element blade, including deformation, and the presence or absence of defects were confirmed, and the machining allowance and deformation were confirmed through the repair after cladding and so on.

Single element notch cladding effect


After cladding, there is no defect in the inspection, and the final result meets the project acceptance standard.


TC17 sample blade cladding test

>>The overall blisk laser additive manufacturing repair project completed the following technical content, and all passed the assessment test

Leaf Disc Repair
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