Construction Machinery


Industry background

Machinery industry, as long as the industry related to machinery can be said to be the machinery industry, machinery and equipment of a wide variety. When mechanical equipment is in operation, one of its
Some parts or even itself can carry out different forms of mechanical movement. Due to long-term work in harsh environments, it is easy to lead to corrosion and wear of parts.

However, the characteristics of machinery and equipment: large, expensive, difficult to install, and the maintenance and repair workload is large. Therefore, when the parts are damaged by wear and tear
And stop running, it will cause huge economic losses. We not only need to maintain the equipment on a regular basis, but also need to repair the parts that are damaged by wear and tear.

Solution of Construction Machinery

Laser Applications in Construction Machinery

Laser surface processing and remanufacturing technology is widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry. Laser repair of casting defects on the surface of pistons; laser remanufacturing of worn parts of crankshafts; local quenching of the surface of various screws, screws, guides, camshafts and transmission gears, gear rings, etc.; alloying of the surface of rolls, screws, molds, valves, etc.; 

laser degreasing, laser rust removal, laser paint removal, laser zinc removal, laser film removal, laser coating removal and other cleaning on the surface of welds, titanium plates, aluminum plates, roller blades, etc.

Fan Shaft Laser Cladding

Blast Furnace Tuyere Copper Nozzle

Oil Rod Laser Quenching

Drive Shaft Laser Hardened

Roller inner wall cladding

Reducer linkage shaft cladding

Plunger cladding

Abrasive cladding

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