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6000W Laser Cladding Machine System

6000W Laser Cladding Machine system is highly integrated in a compact layout, which makes it easy to move, to provide in-place machining solutions. The system is simple to operate, which can be used for multiple purposes in one machine and realize the cladding of shaft, curved surfaces, and special-shaped parts.

Technical Parameters of 6000W Laser Cladding Machine System

NameTechnical parameters
Laser power6kW
Water chillerHL-6000-QG2/2
Robot cladding systemIndustrial robotModelM-10iD/12
Repeated positioning accuracy±0.02mm
Powder feederDouble barrel pneumatic powder feeding
Cladding headAnnular high-speed cladding nozzle + powder distributor
Cladding thickness0.1-1.5mm
Cladding layer characteristicsrestoration/wear-resisting/corrosion-resisting and so on

Advantages of 6000W Laser Cladding Machine System

On-site laser cladding offers durable restoration done with minimum machine downtime.

Multiple functions for metal parts repair and enhancement, such as restoring size, reinforcing corrosion and wear-resistance.

Providing industrial refurbishment solutions including powder composition.

One-stop personalized coaching, including training on technology, equipment operation and maintenance, software application.

Laser Application for Various Industries

The applications of our lasers range from welding of metals and plastics to surface treatment and cladding as well as additive manufacturing.

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