Generator Rotor Journal Cladding Repair

Generator Rotor Journal Cladding Repair

The conventional approach to treating wear and tear of the generator’s rotor seal position involves reprocessing the journal, grinding the shaft to a tiny size, and re-matching the tile. The drawback of this approach is the need for transportation to a sizable machine processing facility. The rotor can be difficult to transport, load, and unload because it often weighs tens of tons and is tens of meters in length. The strength of the shaft will also decrease if the journal is ground to a small size. 

More and more process materials are being utilized to restore the seal position of the rotor journal of the generator as a result of the advancement and application of surface engineering technology. This kind of procedure is swiftly adopted in the power business since it requires minimal equipment and can be implemented quickly and affordably.

Project background

On the surface of the engine rotor journal alloy melting layer, laser cladding repair technology can be used to melt the coating material and a thin layer of base material, forming a cladding layer with a very low dilution and roughly the same composition as the coating after rapid solidification. 

This improves the surface of the base material’s wear resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, and other properties. Additionally, it can restore the worn journal’s original size to the same level of performance and quality.

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