Propeller Impeller Laser Cladding

Propeller Impeller Laser Cladding

The effectiveness, robustness, and service life of the entire machine are directly impacted by the impeller’s quality. For its surface treatment technology, such as clamp molding and polishing, to achieve the standards for qualified surface quality, strict process control and extended processing times are frequently necessary.
Impeller laser cladding is a non-contact surface treatment technology that can do the surface treatment work fast and accurately, and the procedure is relatively straightforward.

Project background

Since the laser is capable of high temperature rapid fusing, it is simple to achieve good surface roughness and geometric accuracy, and the impeller surface’s wear performance, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance can all be enhanced. Furthermore, laser cladding may efficiently suppress fractures and lessen the thermal stress on metal materials, thereby lowering the possibility of instability on the pump impeller’s surface.

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