CNC High Speed Laser Cladding Machine

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CNC High Speed Laser Cladding Machine

A CNC High Speed Laser Cladding Machine with a circular spot is referred to as a high-speed laser cladding machine. This machine uses high-energy laser beams as a heat source to clad powder materials on the surface of parts to prepare high-performance protective coatings, improving the material’s surface hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance, and other properties.

Configuration of CNC Laser Cladding Machine System

 Laser power6kW
Powder feederDouble barrel pneumatic powder feeding/Gravity powder feeder
Cladding head

Equipped with four-point nozzle + powder distributor,

high-speed ring nozzle + powder distributor

Single layer thickness0.1-1.5mm
Deposition efficiency0.3-1.0㎡/h
Substrate dilution rate<5%
Powder utilization>90%
Control systemKND
Drive systemKND

Effective itinerary


C360° continuous rotation



Chuck diameterφ500mm(Three-jaw self-centering)
Chuck clamping rangeΦ25-φ500mm
Maximum turning diameter of workpieceΦ800mm
Maximum length of workpiece3m
Maximum load3t
Spindle speed200r/min(Infinitely variable speed)
Adjustable angle of cladding head A-axis (manual)±30°
Powder collection deviceFollow-up powder receiving tray
Total weightAbout 8t

Advantages of CNC Laser Cladding Machine

With the characteristics of high efficiency, low cost and environmental protection, it can meet the application requirements of coating manufacturing and quick repair of shaft parts of various specifications.

The self-developed high-power fiber laser source is equipped with a high-speed laser cladding head and a high-speed laser cladding nozzle, which can realize efficient and high-precision cladding processing of workpieces.


The coating is metallurgically bonded with the substrate, with high bonding strength and good spalling resistance.


High powder utilization rate, deposition close to the final profile, small processing capacity.


Good selectivity, which can strengthen and repair different parts of the workpiece.


Small heat input and deformation,low pollution and environment friendly


Laser Direct Deposition Technology

The thickness of surface coating treatment can reach 10 to 500 times of electroplating technology


Longer Coating Life

The coating thickness can reach at least 120μm and the highest can reach 1000μm


Finished products processed at one time

Turning and ultra-high-speed cladding combined with hybrid manufacturing can give full play to the advantages of efficiency


Cladding is faster

Faster than traditional laser cladding techniques two orders of magnitude


Not easy to deform and crack

Less heat-affected zone and thermal stress on the substrate than traditional cladding processes

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Cladding costs are lower

Cladding cost can be reduced to the same cost as hard chrome plating

CNC Laser Cladding Machine Properties

Applications For Laser Industry Solutions

The applications of our lasers range from welding of metals and plastics to surface treatment and cladding as well as additive manufacturing.

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