Turbine Blade Repair

Turbine Blade Repair

Turbine Blade Repair

The turbine blade transforms the linear motion of high temperature and high pressure gas into the rotation of the turbine shaft. The blade is a key component that directly affects the performance, reliability and life of the engine, and has relatively high requirements for material performance.

Project background

Blade by high temperature and high pressure air flow, often produce two kinds of failure form: one is blade fracture, mainly occurs in the root of the blade, this failure is not repairable; another failure form is cavitation, mainly occurs in the blade tip surface or root, cavitation damage to the blade through laser melting can be repaired and reuse.

In order to improve the blade anti-cavitation performance, Leishi will blade original defects for exclusion, the blade for the basic repair, and in the easy cavitation area prepared a special reinforced melt layer, through polishing to restore its surface accuracy.

Project sample

Turbine Blade Repair
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