Cylinder Head Laser Cladding

Cylinder Head Laser Cladding

The cylinder head is installed on the top of the engine cylinder block, sealing the cylinder from the top and forming the combustion chamber. It is often in contact with high temperature and high pressure gas, so it bears a lot of thermal and mechanical loads. 

Cylinder head is subject to low-cycle thermal fatigue damage, high-cycle thermal fatigue damage and creep damage during work, and its life and reliability are important indicators of the engine. 

Project background

Cylinder head bears the role of high temperature, high pressure gas and large impact load during work, which will cause fatigue fracture of the local structure of cylinder head under the action of thermal stress. The arc welding repair method is often used in industry for repair. The heat input is too large, which has a serious thermal impact on the workpiece itself and the weld is easy to crack. 

Laser cladding technology has high forming accuracy, low thermal impact on the substrate and excellent mechanical properties of the cladding layer. It has been widely used in the profiling and remanufacturing of damaged parts of failed parts. Generally, the coating thickness of conventional laser cladding repair is 1-3mm, and the cladding efficiency can reach 0.4-0.6m ²/hr.

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