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Industry background

Metal laser additive technology, as the core technology of intelligent manufacturing “Industry 4.0”, can meet the needs of rapid manufacturing of complex precision components and structural surface strengthening in the aerospace field, and solve the limitations of material selection that cannot be solved by traditional processes. Deformation, coarse material grains, and low bonding strength with the matrix.

It can even prepare a metal surface that is superior to the base material. While restoring the performance of the component, it can also significantly prolong the service life of the part. It can be widely used in the aerospace field and has a broad application prospect.

Solution of Aerospace

Laser Applications in Aerospace

Laser remanufacturing is also widely used in the aerospace industry, including laser cleaning of stainless steel, high-strength steel, high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys, copper alloys, bars, etc., as well as laser cladding repair of engine forging blades.

Receiver Repair

Seal Repair

Leaf Disc Repair

Compressor blade repair

Receiver Repair

Seal Repair

Low Pressure Turbine Blade Repair

High vortex blade repair

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