Steel Production


Industry background

Most of the service environment of metallurgical equipment parts is high temperature, high variable load, hot and cold alternation, corrosion, wear and fatigue conditions. Some cast iron parts are prone to corrosion and wear, and need to be replaced and maintained regularly. In the production and processing of sheet metal, the surface quality of rolls, transfer rolls and other parts is extremely demanding. For such parts with high usage and high maintenance frequency, it is crucial for the development of the industry to further improve service life effectively and reduce maintenance costs.

The current surface protection layer of steel and metallurgical equipment parts are mostly prepared by electroplating, thermal spraying, arc overlay welding and other methods. The application of laser cladding technology can more effectively improve the service life of the parts coating, reduce maintenance links, especially in the coating thickness, coating performance regulation and other aspects have greater flexibility.

Solution of Steel Production

Laser Applications in Steel Production

Laser surface treatment technology is widely used in the metallurgical industry, including such as copper alloy, hot rate rolls, mill drive shafts, blast furnace nozzles, clamping sticks, conveying rolls, tension rolls, flying shears, large circular saws, traveling wheels, reels, helper rolls, shear blades, guides, saw blades, universal joint sleeves, flat head sets, main drive joints, crossheads, TT blades, gear shafts, mill pallets, reducer gearboxes and Gear shafts, etc. 

Laser surface strengthening and remanufacturing: flattening machine, light finishing machine, rolling mill and other types of cold rolling rolls work rolls of grossing processing; motor shell, plate, aluminum plate, welded seam, titanium plate, aluminum alloy, parts, shafts, piston rods, stainless steel screws and other surface laser oil removal, laser rust removal, laser paint removal laser zinc removal, laser film removal, laser coating removal and other cleaning technology.

Flat Hood Laser Cladding

Side Guide Laser Cladding

Hole Laser Hardening

Ring Gear Laser Hardening

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