Laser Hardening Machine

What Is Laser Hardening ?

Laser hardening is the use of laser to heat the surface of the material above the phase transition point, as the material itself cools, austenite into martensite, so that the surface hardening of the material quenching technology. It is widely used in the surface treatment of cutting tools, molds, engine pistons, crankshafts, transmission gears, turbochargers, bearings, propellers, metal pipes, valves, etc. to improve their wear resistance, corrosion resistance and service life.
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Laser Hardening Machine

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Advantages of Laser Hardening

Process green environmental protection​

Process green environmental protection

Clean, efficient, pollution-free and environmentally friendly (no Hardening liquid such as water or oil)

Partial hardening​

Partial hardening

Laser beam divergence angle is small, with good pointing

Stable quenching temperature​

Stable Hardening temperature

Real-time measurement of material Hardening temperature using infrared monitoring to ensure reasonable temperature

Minimal mold deformation​

Minimal mold deformation

Instantaneous local heating and Hardening of the mold surface

Easy to form residual compressive stress​

Easy to form residual compressive stress

Significantly improves the surface hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the workpiece

Closed loop temperature control system​

Closed loop temperature control system

Control, optimize and supervise laser processes

Applications For Laser Industry Solutions

The applications of our lasers range from welding of metals and plastics to surface treatment and cladding as well as additive manufacturing.

Applications in Laser Hardening

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