Oil & Gas


Industry background

Petrochemical equipment often work in an environment containing CO2, H2S, Cl and other corrosive media, high temperature and pressure downhole, harsh working conditions, resulting in corrosion perforation and failure due to wear and tear occur frequently, seriously affecting oilfield production.

The traditional surface treatment of components mainly uses carbonitriding, martensitic strengthening, high chromium wear treatment, ion nitriding and other technologies, which have high energy consumption, low process level, high pollution, high repair difficulty and high cost. Laser cladding technology can well solve these problems and significantly improve the physical and chemical properties of mechanical components such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and oxidation resistance.


Solution of Oil And Gas

Laser Applications in Oil And Gas

Acher Main Spinner Outer Circle Repair

Bu Body Inner Hole Circular Surface Repair

Long Shaft Wear Repair

Ipta Drilling Tool Adapter End Face Repair

Turbine Sleeve Inner Circle Repair

Wear Sleeve Threaded Hole Repair

Centralizer Wear Repair

Oil Drilling Tool Inner Hole Repair

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